Now, with the value addition in castings foundries, machining plays a vital role to get better solutions for our customer.

Along with the standard machines, Hi-Mac have specialized machines as well to provide customized solutions. Glimpse of the processes are as below…

Sand Testing

Surface Finish Depends upon the quality of Sand that is used in the molding and core shop. With our In-House Sand Testing Lab our team ensures the right properties of in process every time round the clock.

Hardness Testing

Physical properties of castings are ensured with our In-house testing lab. We introduce herewith our hardness machine with indentation auto reading software, which ensures the right reading without error.

CE Meter & Carbon Sulphur Appatus

With the combination of latest technologies and traditional technologies, we ensure the right calibrated in process for the right production. Our Carbon Sulphur Apparatus is always in close monitoring with our online CE Meter.


Physical properties of castings are ensured with our In-house testing lab. With the Bruker Quantron, Germany make Microscope with image analyser, we ensure the structural requirement of castings as per customer demand.

Digital Height Gauge

Measurement is key criteria before dispatch. We ensure the parts are shipped to customer as per drawing. For which our Inhouse facilities make us to happen the same.

Universal Tensile machine

In-House Shimadzu, Japan Make UTM machine ensures the required tensile from the tensile bar. This gives the confidence to our customer for no field failure once the part is in running condition.

Surface table

Surface Tables for Layout, PDI, and dimensional analysis.

Stacking & Visual Inspection

Proper system of measurement ensures the right component to customer and wrong component not to ship.

Endoscopy Inspection

For critical parts having internal cavities. Our Endoscopy inspection process ensure the clean cavities from inside.

Added In-House Facilities

Apart of above said quality inspection facilities, our quality lab is further equipped with many other facilities like….

  • Spectrometer-Bruker Quantron,Germany
  • Universal Tensile testing Machine-Shimadzu,Japan
  • Metallurgical Microscope GX-51 -Olympus,Japan
  • Height gauge and surface plate
  • Hardness Tester
  • Sand Testing Lab
  • Muffle Furnace
  • Oven